How Often and How Much to Feed a Betta Fish

Are you confused about feeding your Betta fish? The instructions on the bottle of food you bought said to feed your Betta 2-3 times a day, yet the sales clerk at the pet store said feed them every other day? Don’t worry if you’re confused, you’re not alone.

Feeding your Betta properly not only is important to supply your fish with the nutrients it needs, but it is also important to overall tank/water conditions.

The Problem:

If you don’t feed your fish enough it will starve to death
If you feed it too much it will overeat into an unhealthy state, actually get fat, and produce more waste. This means the tank water gets dirty more rapidly and if you don’t keep up with the water changes your Betta will get sick.
Any food that the Betta did not eat will float to the bottom of the tank, rot and lead to unhealthy bacteria growth. Again, leading to poor tank conditions and stressing out your Betta Fish.
The Solution:

Adult Bettas: feed once a day, only enough that they can eat in about 2 minutes. After that they’re either over-eating, which is very unhealthy, or the food will rot as I’ve previously stated and degrade tank conditions. If you feed your Betta pellets then this would probably be somewhere between 3-6 pellets a day
Skip 1 day a week: Its actually good for your Betta Fish to fast once a week, it helps flush out toxins from their digestive systems.
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Betta fry’s: feed twice a day
More Questions:

Why does the Betta fish food say to feed them 2-3 times a day?
Simple – so you’ll use more food and have to buy more. No expert will tell you to feed your Betta several times a day.

Is it OK to skip more than a day?
If you’re taking off on a trip for the weekend and don’t have anyone to look after your Betta Fish don’t worry. Betta’s have been know to survive going a few weeks without being fed. So skipping a few days won’t do any harm. In fact, maybe giving your Betta a little extra to eat just before you leave is a good suggestion, one of the few times its OK for them to over eat.

Now you also need to make sure your Betta is eating the food you are giving to them. Closely watch your Betta eat for a few minutes next time you feed it. Maybe you’re feeding your Betta regular fish flakes it seems to eat them but is really just chewing and spitting them out? So not only is your Betta not getting proper nutrition the uneaten flakes were degrading tank conditions.