How exactly does An Umbrella Work In Photography

Umbrellas serve an important purpose to people. Apart from protecting them from the heat from the sun, they also keep them dry in order to rains.

But not many people are aware that the umbrella also serves photographers well. This tool helps them in the light aspect of photography particularly when shooting in the house.
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Using this sun and rain protection tool is an excellent help for those serious in their photography hobby. In particular, it assists photographers in achieving professional images.

What the umbrella does is diffuse light to enable you to achieve a softer lighting in your images. So instead of letting light directly focus on the subject, the umbrella bounces of the light in different directions. The result is a clearer image with softer shadows or no shadows at all.

Basically, there are two colors of umbrella you can use when shooting. These are the black/silver and white, each with its own purpose.

A white umbrella is normally best to use for indoor photography. This needs to be open when using it to achieve a softer glow. To use it, you must shoot light directly through the umbrella for a softer appearance.

There are also other techniques that you should bear in mind. To get rid of shadowing, for instance, you need to angle your light. What you need to do is to put the umbrella ready that will put the shadow behind your subject. This tactic is usually best for shooting portraits.

The black/silver umbrella, on the other hand, is utilized to brighten your subject. This is not just pure black as it’s a combination of black on the outside and silver on the inside. What you do with this type of umbrella is direct light on the silver or inner part of the tool so that it brightens your subject. Take note that despite light directed on the subject, the umbrella helps in preventing a washed out image.

For a brighter image, the best technique is to use a combination of the white and black/silver umbrella. This will enable you to eliminate the shadow and make your subject look glowing. A good tip is to use the black/silver umbrella as your main source of light and then use the white one to diffuse the light for a softer appearance.

It’s important to note that for those of you who wish to be more creative in their images, just using the built-in flash may not be advisable. The reason is that it can create shadows and can make your subject a bit one-dimensional. But if you try to move the light source away from your subject and use an umbrella or any other type of diffuser, you can create softer light and achieve a clearer photo.

Keep in mind that the size of the topic and the source of light affects the harshness of the shadows. In other words, a harsh light is the result of a small subject and a little light source while a big lightsource will give you softer light to your subject.

If you’re after energy efficiency, you need to use LEDs and flourescents. They are great alternatives to the hot lights and are ideal for HD video and digital stills.