Saving cash in Natural Food Stores

Basically food less expensive at a supermarket?

Regardless of whether you save money by buying food in the supermarket depends on how you define “food. ” Supermarkets carry vast amounts associated with packaged and processed food products that they buy in freight-car quantities. Natural food stores can’t compete with the particular buying power enjoyed by the large chain supermarkets.

If you compare the prices of packaged goods in grocery stores with the prices of packaged items in natural food stores, you may get the impression that it would period whole paycheck, a loan, and a stack of credit cards just to set foot in a natural food store.

Natural food stores plus supermarkets both sell packaged plus processed foods, but items within the stores usually do not contain the sugar, chemical preservatives and other artificial additives and chemicals typical on most supermarket fare. Additionally , some of the items in the aisles of natural meals stores are made from organically grown substances, a major plus for both your body and the ecosystems on which our lives so intimately depend.

Shop for real food at a natural food store

Where organic food stores outshine supermarkets with regards to price is in the bulk foods area. Supermarkets usually don’t have significant bulk-food sections, and if they do, the products that they sell in bulk are not the kind of wholesome plus healthful foods to base a diet on, and they are rarely organically cultivated.

The stores offer all the basic food staples, like cereals plus grains, beans and lentils, flours, raisins and other dried fruits, pastas, nuts and seeds, and many other products in bulk, at significantly lower costs than if they were prepackaged. In case a natural food store doesn’t have bulk staples, it is probably more of a “supplement” store, and not the best place to shop for foods.

Rule No . 1: Buy unpackaged, bulk foods and produce

The main rule for saving money in an organic food store is simple: buy in bulk and buy produce. Once though the door, pick-up your shopping cart and head straight for the bulk bins, and from there to the organic produce. These are the areas exactly where your dollars will be most productively plus healthfully spent. You will be amazed at how much money you can save by buying beans, grains, veggies, seeds, and just about anything else with the pound, compared to buying the same products prepackaged.
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Rule No . 2: Consume whole foods

A corollary to the primary rule of saving money is definitely: Move away from processed and processed foods and toward foods in their more natural state. By eating by doing this you take in fewer chemicals and much more natural nutrients.

This means eating a lot more baked potatoes and fewer poker chips, more homemade cookies and less of the packaged variety, more soups made by you from fresh vegetables plus fewer soups made by multinational businesses from the cheapest things they can find. It also means saving yourself the expense of paying extra to have the foods you eat mangled by corporations that will try to make up for their lack of skill in food preparation by dosing almost anything they sell with excessive quantities of salt, sugar, fats, and chemical additives.