American Health Insurance

Health care in USA

According to recent reviews, the United States Federal government spends more on health care per capita as compared to any other country in the world. It has been estimated that the Fed spends approximately 15. 2% from the gross domestic product on health care programs and plans in the country.

The domestic financial experts are of the opinion that the country’s expenses upon health care sector will escalate to approximately 19. 5% of the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT by the year 2017. The stats indicate that as of 2007, the us government spent about USD$7, 439 per person on spheres of medical coverage.

In United States of America, about 84% from the people have medical insurance coverage in some type or the other. For instance, 59. 3% have insurance coverage arranged by the company, 27. 8% of the people avail health insurance programs extended by the Government and 8. 9% of the People in america buy insurance themselves.

About fifty nine. 3% of the Americans have health-related insurance provided by the employer. Expenses associated with employer-paid services are on the increase. The government has its own way of extending help and exempts employers through making any contribution taxable.

Forms of American Health Insurance

The health care system prevailing in the country has public along with private funding. So it cannot be stated that the health care system is fully open public. Since the system is not fully public or not fully private, cost effect of a mixed system is debatable. There are many who believe that a direct co-relation exists between expenses incurred by the govt on medical benefits and rise in various costs in the country.

As more and more people are utilizing the medical resources offered, the cost of health insurance in USA and health care costs are increasing rapidly.
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Low rates of reimbursement (of Medicaid and Medicare) have moved the pressures of rising prices on doctors and the hospitals. The particular hospitals and the doctors in turn charge higher rates for private payers, which eventually increases the cost of medical insurance in the country.

Basically, the following four types of health plans prevail in UNITED STATES.

· Catastrophic health insurance
· Preferred Provider Organization or PPO
· Short term health plans
· Wellness Maintenance Organizations or HMOs.

Complete service health insurance is another type of program in which the policies cover all types of illnesses, has deductibles (which may be reduced or high), offer treatment in different place.


Although, the cost incurred in this sector is considerable, there are particular drawbacks which go beyond finances plus need to be tackled diligently for clean running of the system.

To reach the definitive conclusion, since the importance of Medical health insurance cannot be denied, possessing health care insurance should be made mandatory. This will allow Americans to avail the basic medical benefits and welcome a better quality lifestyle.