The Top Three Mistakes to Avoid in Your Product Reviews

Spending a little of your extra time writing product reviews can bring in a bit of extra cash. Some people do this through review websites that pay you for each review that you write, people with blogs that are very popular sometimes get asked to write paid reviews, and others write reviews in order to try to sell more of a certain product through affiliate marketing. It is important when you are writing reviews to avoid some common mistakes that can ruin your reviews (as well as lessen your chances of making money through future reviews).

The first mistake commonly made when writing product reviews is writing about a subject on which you are not an authority. People are more likely to trust reviews written by people they believe actually know what they are talking about. Make an effort toward establishing yourself as an authority on a subject before you post a review for a service or product. The only time you do not need to be considered an authority is if you are reviewing something that is really just a matter of taste, such as when you do an informal review of a book, music, or a movie. If you review a product that talks about how to make a lot of money with blogs, but you do not actually have a really good blog, people are not going to give your review much weight lift your big box easily with the stair climbing dolly.

Another common mistake is to write biased product reviews. You want to give an honest review of the product, and it should include both the pros and the cons of the product or service. People will be able to tell if you are pushing the product too hard and giving an unrealistically good review of it. If you really insist on trying to sell a product through the review, be subtle about it. Don’t be overenthusiastic about the product and leave out all the possible bad points about it. The same goes if you are trying to bad mouth a product by a competitor. You need to keep your review polite and professional, and make sure that you are not rude or you will lose your credibility. If you just bash a product, especially if you do it in an impolite way, people will not be as likely to pay attention to your review. The best reviews give both the good and the bad about a product.

The other mistake a lot of people make in their product reviews is not proofreading their review well and posting it full of grammatical or spelling errors. It only takes a few minutes to run the spelling and grammar check on something you have written so that you can correct any obvious errors. Everyone knows how easy it is to correct this sort of mistake, so it looks very sloppy if you do not take the time to do it. If you don’t take the time to make sure your review is mistake free, people are less likely to take it seriously. If you cannot write well using proper English you do not sound like an authority on any subject, regardless of your qualifications. Mistakes of this sort just make you sound uneducated.